wanting to be happy for your friends but feeling jealous at the same time and then feeling shitty for feeling jealous WHAT FUN

I keep thinking how happy I am for them and how glad I am that they’re happy but there’s always that feeling in the back of my mind that’s like “why them? why not me? why do they get to be happy and I don’t?”

I can’t even feel happy for other people

i feel really bad

bc i do care about him

just not in that way

but i went along with it anyways

bc i didn’t want to like hurt him

but guess what


i’m glad we’re not talking as much

maybe now i can get over you and you can get over me

sometimes i get sad for no reason and i don’t like it

i’m very lonely

i always forget i have a personal blog lmao

good thing i remembered now i guess

now i can whine all i want lmao